Friday 20 July 2012

DIY Bracelets... Made from Plastic Bottles

Like a lot of people, we can't drink our water. Well, we probably could BUT we don't! And I drink a lot of water. I have to get a new Brita, so in the mean time we have been buying bottles again... and they build up cuz I don't throw them in the garbage... but only get down to recycling every so often. So I started thinking of WTH I could do with them!

One being: Bracelets! My hands are quite tiny and so are my wrists so a normal size water bottle fits perfectly over my hand and on my wrist. For someone with a bigger wrist, use a bigger water bottle... that way, you can cut it down and size it to fit (I'll show ya how)!

Accessories are a huge part of ones outfit... they really can make... or break an outfit. But summertime is all about fun and bright colours... so, lets accessorize baby!

You Need:
Plastic bottle - Preferably a big one... unless you have tiny hands and wrists!!
Buttons, Ribbons or Lace for decoration (if you like)
Duct Tape or Wide Masking or Painters Tape
X-acto Knife
Hot Glue Gun

What you do:
Take your duct tape and wrap it around the plastic bottle cutting it off when the ends meet.

Carefully cut into the bottle along the edges of the tape. Do this to both sides, cutting out the "bracelet".

If you have a small wrist and are using the small bottle, you can skip this next step. I'm using a small bottle this time, so there will be no pictures of this next part.

Put the bottle "bracelet" on your wrist. Too big? If so, which it most likely is since you are using a bigger bottle, then you are going to cut the plastic bracelet with scissors. Measure the desired size directly on your hand, cut the extra piece off and then secure the ends of the bracelet with the duct tape, making it a bracelet again... this time one that fits!

Now we are going to wrap the entire bracelet in duct tape two to three times. Making sure the edges are covered. This way, the bracelet won't melt from the glue... and the edges won't be sharp! I didn't cover the whole inside, just the edges.

If you are working with an elastic fabric, pull it gently in length stretching it before gluing. This way the edges curl and won't be seen. And it leaves a great texture for your bracelet!

Apply hot glue where the fabric is going to start to wrap around the bracelet. You don't need much glue. Stick the fabric down and press gently sticking the fabric, but making sure you don't squish the bottle!

Glue fabric down and wrap the bracelet with the fabric by going around and around the bracelet until it's covered.

Once you have wrapped the entire bracelet with fabric, apply glue to the bottle and glue the end piece of fabric down. Try to wrap the end around so it's inside the bracelet and can't be seen!

If you want to add lace, ribbons, buttons or anything else you have in mind... giver!

The great thing about a plastic bottle bracelet is ... you can get a few bracelets out of a bottle! So grab your fabric and a bottle and start to accessorize!!

xOx - L

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