Sunday 22 July 2012

DIY: Vintage Key Frame

Don't know where to hang your keys? Or don't like what you have now? Make a vintage frame into a key holder! This would even make a wonderful house warming gift for your friends... or kids!

If you don't have old frames around your house, ask your parents. I am ALWAYS on the look out for stuff like this at all times... just in case for quick projects like this. Thank god for storage! Although it's getting awfully full! LOL

What you need:
Screw Hooks
Screw Driver
Paint - If need be, colour of choice

What you do:
Paint your frame the colour of your choice. Rub some off for the vintage look. It would also be cool if you did the faux metallic (with the tin foil)... or just buy the metallic paint, it's just expensive I find!

Drill holes into the frame (size to match your screws). After holes are drilled, screw in each hook. And your done!

Easy as pie and looks great! Mount it to your wall and put your keys in there! Or wrap it up as a gift!

xOx - L

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