Wednesday 27 June 2012

Cute as a "Button" Flowers!

Flowers are perfect for a picture frame to make some wall art or to stick in a vase to put on your desk. Or just want to make one to decorate a card or a notebook or journal. No matter the case.. here is a quick and simple way to create a cute little flower!

If you don't have a stencil of a flower that you can use or if you aren't the greatest free hand, you can use this method for making them!

Take your paper (2" to 4" squares) depending on the size of flower you want and fold it in half twice to get a small square. Then you are going to fold the square diagonally, so that all of the unfolded edges are at one end of triangle. See diagram below.

Holding the triangle as shown in the picture below, round off the unfolded edge with scissors to create a petal shape and unfold.

Once you have your flower(s) cut out you are going to place your biggest button in the middle of the flower where it's going to go. Take your pencil and mark where 2 holes in the buttons are on the paper. Take the button off.

Crimp the wire 2" from the end and thread 1 hole of 1 small button onto the long end of the wire, then the second hole onto the short end. Repeat with the largest button and then the paper flower (using holes as your guide). Place the last button behind the paper and twist the wire below the back button to secure it.  Trim the excess wire with wire cutters. See Diagram above. You can put as many buttons on the front of the flower as you like! 
Once you are done you can put your flowers in a frame, decorate books or stick them on magnets, they make wonderful centerpieces if you throw them in a vase too or a great craft for the kids on a rainy summer day!


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