Friday 29 June 2012

3 Simple Wall Art Ideas

I know we all have looked at a wall a time or two and said... what the h*** can I do with you... Or your looking at your wall now saying ... this really has to go.

There are lots of simple Wall Art ideas out there... maybe you will see something you like... and then think oh yah I like that... and I can do this to it... and that to it... I know a lot of my ideas happen in my sleep, I keep a diary beside my bed and wake up, smoke, and write down my ideas... call me crazy, but it works! I always tend to semi-remember what I meant! lol

To view above image, layered frames DIY tutorial, click here.

Like this Mod Podge'd Tissue Paper to a Canvas! (Shown below) Great and simple idea!
And you can purchase most of the supplies at the Dollar Stores.. even the canvas..

Leave your canvas white or paint it the colour of your choice. If painted, let dry. Cut out the tissue paper in the pattern, shapes or design you want and layer the back of them with Mod Podge. Stick them to the canvas. You can choose to Mod Podge over them or leave them as is. Just make sure it's completely covered on the back. Smooth out the bubbles and wrinkles and you are done!! Some might even choose to leave the wrinkles there... it kind of gives it attitude and makes it your own!

The Family Handprints! - Super Cute - Nuff Said!

Whether it's all the kids hand prints or the whole families this would look great in your family room!! Or anywhere for that matter! Layer everyone's hand in paint and press down on the paper you decide to use as your background. Simple and beautiful!!

Bubble Art - Soooo Cool!!!! Love this! (#1)

All of these are pretty cool pieces of wall art. I've done the paint chip art before... but the bubble art really really caught my eye! Definitely going to be giving this a whirl... sooner than later!

Here's what you'll need:
Water-soluble ink in various colours
Watercolour paper (Can use normal to thick paper if you like)

Here's what you'll do:
Mix inks and bubbles together in a 1-to-1 ratio (mixing each colour separately). Lay paper flat on drop sheet, cardboard or newspaper and start blowing bubbles of various colours onto the paper. Once you have your desired look allow to dry thoroughly. Once dry, hang in a frame to dry!

I love love love this look!! Can't wait to get home today and try it out! I hope you do toooo!


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