Wednesday 27 June 2012

DIY: Fabric Clutch

Was roaming the internet late last night and saw this clutch purse! Super cute!! Love clutches!! They are just so easy to grab to head out for the day! And you can do this if you really aren't that great of a sewer, it looks pretty basic!

Here's what you will need:
  • Decorative fabric for outside of clutch
  • Fabric for lining
  • Heavyweight fusible stabilizer
  • Fusible fleece
  • Rotary cutter
  • Grid ruler
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine
  • Coordinating machine-sewing thread
  • Transparent tape
  • Bond 527 Multi-Purpose Cement
  • Metal clutch frame hardware
And the how to:
1. Cut 13-by-13 1/2-inch pieces from outer fabric, lining fabric, and heavyweight fusible stabilizer. Cut a 10 1/2-by-13-inch piece of fusible fleece. With an iron, fuse heavyweight stabilizer to wrong side of outer fabric, then fuse fleece to center of stabilized side of fabric.
2. With right sides of outer and lining fabrics together, sew 1/2-inch seams along both longer 13 1/2-inch edges.
3. Turn sewn pieces so right sides are facing out, and press seams flat.
4. Fold in half, matching seams at top, with lining on inside. Sew a 1/4-inch seam on outside raw edges, then trim seam allowances to 1/8 inch and snip in at the corners. Turn again, so outside fabric is on the inside. Sew 1/4-inch seam along edges, creating a finished French seam, then turn right side out.
5. Fold corners down; mark and sew a 2-inch gusset on each. Trim corner to 1/8 inch. Turn again so lining faces out; sew a 1/4-inch seam along gussets to finish seams. Turn right side out one last time.
6. Apply a bead of fabric glue to metal frame. Center over top seam, carefully insert fabric in metal frame, and secure in place with tape. Allow glue to set for several hours.
7. Remove tape, tuck outside corners behind frame, and snap closed.

Remember: I got this off of Martha's website, saw it and just had to share with you all... sometimes there really is cute things to make on there... sometimes! lol

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