Friday 22 June 2012

Pretty Painted Flower Pots For Summer

With Summer comes flowers and you always need something cute and pretty to put them in. For those of us not lucky enough to have a backyard for a garden or anywhere for a hanging basket.. the only thing we can really use is pots or baskets!! Instead of having plain boring pots everywhere, a little bit of paint can really make them look hot!! Heck, you can even get really creating and Mod Podge them after you've painted!!

If your pots aren't new, wipe them down, make sure they are dirt free as much as can be before you start to paint them! Pick out your colours and think of what you are going to do!

I know I know, so many colours and designs to choose from!! That's why I always get a few pots at a time, I can make a few different ones at once!

Once you know what you are going to do, get at it!! If you are doing stripes or straight lines, get out your painters tape and start taping or paint and then tape!

Or paint and then stencil! Or dot! Or freehand! You get the drift! Just giver!! Add your own personal touch!

I definitely really like the idea of painting the pot and then Mod Podging on some decals or patterns! I find napkins have great designs and pictures for Mod Podging items! Or take decorative scrapbook paper sheets and mix match them like the picture shown below!! Makes for great decor in or out of the home!

You really can't go wrong.. even if you just paint it one solid colour and put your name on it!! Or not!! At least it's getting rid of that ugly orange pot you got!!


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