Tuesday 19 June 2012

Painted Lawn Chairs

I was scanning through DIY Networks website last night and saw these painted lawn chairs! I thought I had to share this idea! It's super easy and gives those boring white lawn chairs some colour and makes them come alive!

This project will take some time... a few days total... but it's well worth it. I know these would look super cool at my parents lake and I know I'll be sending this link to mom when I'm done!

What you will need:
Patio chair
Krylon Fusion paint (specially designed for hard plastics)
Ammonia-based cleaning product paint thinner (if chair is brand new)
optional: plastic paints, paintbrushes, low-tack painter's tape

Here's what you do:
Using your ammonia based cleaning product, wipe down the chair removing any dirt. If chair is brand new, wipe it down with paint thinner, this will make the paint stick to the surface.

Shake the fusion paint for two minutes or so, making sure it's well shook up. Hold your can of spray paint approximately 8"-10" from the chair, spray in a sweeping motion from side to side applying a thin coat. Allow it to dry for at least 30 seconds. Apply multiple coats until the chair is fully covered, waiting between sets. Leave dry without touching for at least 15 minutes before putting away.

Leave your chair(s) in a safe place to dry for at least 7 days. It takes that long for the paint to fully cure and the chair become scratch resistant.

After the seven days have passed.... which I know, seems like forever, apply the plastic paints in whichever pattern or design you choose.

Use painters tape to create lettering, designs or patterns of your choice! Paint stencils with different colours! The choice is yours, get creative!

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