Wednesday 27 June 2012

Pop Tabs Bag... or Purse!

I know a lot of people who save pop tabs for wheelchairs and fundraisers like that... well, maybe we should start saving them to make our own purse or bag! This does take an awful lot of pop tabs.. and it takes quite a bit of prep work, but it's something to do in your spare time while watching t.v or sitting outside at the cottage! I love projects that don't take much thought where you don't have to "keep track" (like stitches when knitting).

So many things you can make out of stuff you would normally just throw away!

I found a pretty detailed step by step on "how to" put the tabs together on for those of you who are going to try this one!! It's not the instructions for the complete purse, but it does show how to connect them, but it really won't be too hard to figure out a purse design, when I finally get my tabs I will be trying and I will be posting! But I have just begun to saving my tabs.. and added this to "the list"... but it might take awhile! lol

If anyone has knows how to make the purse, feel free to let me know!!! love to share!

Click here to get the step by step to make this purse.


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