Tuesday 19 June 2012

Potato Masher | Painted Tote Bags, Towels, Napkins, Etc

You can pretty much paint with anything now a days and I love coming across new things to make designs with! Some of the most common things to try new painting designs on besides walls of course are towels or tote bags! I came across this great idea on the Martha Stewart Website! Painting with a potato masher! What a great idea!

The masher used in the above design looks like this:

You can buy plain tote bags at the Dollarama for $1. You can most likely score some towels or napkins there too! If not, you can always go to Homesense or Walmart to get them!

The making of this is pretty straight forward, grab your tool, dab it evenly in the colour of paint of your choice and dab it firmly on your project! You can make cool designs with it or just do one or two! It's yours, use your imagination and go with the flow!

Even if you have an old t-shirt or tank top laying around, take it and start going design crazy! 

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