Tuesday 19 June 2012

Space to Fill

I so badly needed to fill the blank dull wall above my computer desk. The space is the size of my desk wide, beside me is a wall and a bookshelf. And of course the corner shelf piece, which I really didn't feel like getting rid of. I was going to put a long hanging picture but needed something cheap... being laid off really has it's disadvantages you know.

Anyways, decided to grab 3 letters from the Dollarama (L & K) standing for Linds & Kev obviously! You can never go wrong with letters. I spray painted them with silver paint that I had left over from another project. After they dried I took black spray paint and painted them, but I held a screen between the can and the letters giving it a splattered effect with the black!!

I took an old frame that I had laying around and put in 2 sheets of decorative paper from my scrapbook collection! Voila! Wall complete for less than $4! Now that's what I call awesome.

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