Tuesday 19 June 2012

Decorated "Stuff" Box

This was just a quick little project that I did this morning. I keep all my Birthday Cards from over the years... (I guess I'm sentimental) and I keep them in boxes. I have them all kept in my spare room and one by one i have decorated them all differently.

I got these boxes at the Dollarama for $1.25 (can't go wrong with that).

I sanded the box so that it was nice and smooth and painted it a solid orange. Once it was dry I sponged on a little bit of yellow to give it a rustic kind of look. I cut out napkins and peeled all the layers off except the top layer with the actual picture design on it.

I placed the cut outs where I wanted them and glazed over them, gluing them down with Mod Podge. You can mod podge whatever you like. It acts as a glue and it clears dry! It is amazing stuff as you will see in future posts. I LOVE my Mod Podge!

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