Thursday 21 June 2012

Back Bow Shirt or Dress

I love DIY clothes!! With summer comes cooler clothes... and that means storing your winters.. which I'm sure many of you have!... But if you have any old t-shirts or one that you just want to change up... this is such a cute idea!! An open back bow!! I did mine quick, you can pay a little more attention to the cutting for a more professional look!

Here's what you will need:
T-shirt or a Dress
Sewing Needle & Thread
Pen or Marker

Here's what you will do:
Take your shirt and turn it inside out laying it face down on a flat surface. Mark where you want your cut to be in the back of your shirt with a pen so the cuts are straight and neat! You want to make your cut a couple inches down from the top, I would say anywhere from 2 to 4 inches from the top of the collar line and about half of the shirt long (make it however you desire).

Start to cut out your piece in the back of your shirt. You are going to want to keep a strip of fabric from that piece for your tie for the bow.

You are going to take your needle and thread and starting at bottom center of the flap, where the bow is going to go, loosely hand stitch to top of flap, leaving spaces between stitches. Once at the top of the shirt, pull thread tight. This will create a bow look when fabric bunches up!  Wrap the thread around flap in center of bow once, and push the needle straight through from the top to the bottom of the bow (as shown below)

Take the strip that you cut for the tie and wrap it around the bow. Hand stitch the fabric tie so it's secure in place.

Turn your shirt right side out and this project is complete! You might want to mess around with the bow to make it just the way you want it! People will ask... where'd you get your shirt... I made it, silly!!

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