Thursday 21 June 2012

Hair Spray... Ink Stain Remover!

Ever wreck your favourite shirt or that sexy pair of jeans you love so much with an ink mark or a blot? I have! And as most of you probably know, stain remover doesn't always do the trick... or you don't always have it kicking around.

Grab a can of hair spray!! Yup! You heard me right, hair spray! I know this is nothing new.. but just thought I'd share!!

What you will do:
Take your can of aerosol type hair spay and flood the fresh stain so it's soaking in a little puddle or layer. Leave it on for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Take your piece of clothing and throw it into the wash, using cool water.

This trick will work on carpet ink stains too. but instead you will want to blot the stain using paper towels after each hair spray application. It might take several tries, depending on the severity of the stain!

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