Thursday 28 June 2012

I Love Chevrons! DIY Chevrons... They look good on pretty much anything!!

Chevrons! They look sooooo good!! I love love love the look! And it doesn't take much to complete either!! Which is right up my alley!

I've been eying up my shelf beside my computer desk for awhile now... thinking to myself, I'm going to chevron the backs of the shelves! ... colours.. and time is my problem! But, just like everything else, it will come, all in good time!

Have something in mind of redo-ing? Thinking this might just be that design you are looking for?

Well, here's how to complete this look!

If you don't have a chevron stencil and if you don't feel like buying one, no biggie, it's quite easy to design your own! Get out your ruler and your tape or card board, depending on which you prefer! Draw and cut out your chevron stencil out of cardboard or tape up your object with painters tape or masking tape. Once you have your object ready to go, you can start to paint.

Depending on your look, you might of painted your object first, before taping, so your 1st colour is already done!

Paint the portions that you want painted with whatever colour you want to paint it. Let dry and remove tape or stencil!

Easy as pie! I know my instructions aren't very good on this one, but I'm in a rush and it really is pretty straight forward. If you need help, message me!... and as per usual, would love to see what you created!!

I love this clutch purse, as you all know, I love clutches!!

If you are doing your wall or a piece of furniture and it's your first time, take something small, like coasters and practice on that first... you know, as the saying goes, practice does make perfect!


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