Monday 25 June 2012

Rhinestone Shoes!

Need a new pair of kicks but don't have the cash? Want to give your shoes some glamour? Throw some Rhinestones and Gems on the heels, or parts of your shoe... or your whole shoe to give it a whole new look!

Most rhinestones have sticky parts on the backs, so if you don't want the gems to be permanent, you can just press them on so you can still take them off! Just a fair warning... they don't tend to stick on for that long if you go this way, but will last a day or night at least... 

Get your glue (I use E-6000 which I purchased from Walmart I think) and put a little dab in your rhinestone and stick it to the part of your shoe in which you are working on. Press and hold your rhinestone for 30 seconds or so and repeat the steps until you have completed your look!

I just wanted a little sparkle on the heel (for now, hehe) ... so for now, I just did a few gems.. that's right, for now.. as I know I will get carried away on another night! So take it as far as you want! Put on as many rhinestones as you want! Make them shine! Make them your own!

This chick went all out and took it to the next level and completed her shoes in all colour rhinestones!!!! Looks awesome, although I don't know if I could wear them... maybe for Halloween or something... hehe, wonder how long it took...

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