Wednesday 27 June 2012

Decoupage - Lazy Susan Redo

I was bored this afternoon and needed something to do. I was looking around the kitchen thinking... what next.. what can I get up too? I didn't want to start anything too big, considering I have my tv stand to do tomorrow. So I decided to decoupage the lazy susan. If you have never decoupaged anything before, starting with something small is a good idea!

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Here's what you need:
Lazy Susan
Decorative Paper, tissue paper, gift wrap
Scissors or Craft knife
Sponge Brush
Decoupage glue (I used Mod Podge, of course, lol)
Sealant/Varnish (Depending on the look you want)

Here's what you do:
Once you know what you are going to decorate your lazy susan (or whatever you are doing) with, cut your pieces if need be, and then place them on your lazy susan, making sure they will fit, but don't glue them down yet! Keeping in mind, you are going to want to make sure there is enough paper to cover the sides of the lazy susan, folding the paper down over the edges. 

Once you know the placement of your cut out pieces, take a picture if you need help remembering. Make sure your lazy susan is clean and dry and you are ready to go!

Take your sponge and glue create a thing layer of paste on your object where the cut out is going to go. Place the cut out on the glue, smoothing it out. Wipe on another layer of glue on top of the cut out, making sure the whole piece is covered and the edges are stuck down. Smooth out the piece to get rid of any bubbles. You are going to want to start in the middle and smooth it out working your way out towards the edges. You can use your sponge, a roller, or your finger to smooth.

I had poured the glue on a plate so it was easier to get at and I glued, applied the paper then glued. I didn't care so much for smoothing out the bubbles as much as I normally would since it's usually covered with stuff anyway!

Complete the same steps until your lazy susan is covered.  You are going to have extra paper hanging over the sides, we are going to trim it with a craft knife or your scissors, leaving about 2" of overlap. Cut slits about every inch or so in the overlap to the edge of the lazy susan. This is going to make it easy to paste the edges down.

If you have a paint brush handy, grab it for this next part or you can use your fingers. Coat the little flaps of paper and the lazy susan where the flap is going to get glued down with enough glue that the flaps will stick. Fold the flaps of paper down over the edge and stick. Apply a thin layer of glue on top.  Continue these steps until all of the flaps are glued down. Rub out any bubbles or edges as best as you can before leaving to dry. I'd leave it for at least 24 hours.

You can leave it like this if you used a two in one glue that acts as a sealant as well or you can continue to add layers of sealant! I really wish that one piece of paper would have fit on this so it would look a little better, but like I said, it's usually covered!

Take your Lazy Susan and apply a thin coat of sealant. Allow to dry completely and give it another coat.
Repeat steps until you get the desired look you want!

After 3 or 4 coats, give it a light sand with sandpaper (400). You can leave it like this or you can continue coating with sealant! Some artists coat their objects up to 40 times!!! Can you imagine! But oh the look!!

I chose to give it a few layers of sealant and I'm doing my first sand as we speak... or as I type.

There! Done! Sanded... almost to perfection! The more I would have sanded it, the more it would have looked all as one piece and sooo smooth! I gave it one more coat of sealant to finish it off, letting it dry and it will be back on the table tomorrow!!!

Yup, back on the table... pretty much covered! lol

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