Saturday 30 June 2012

DIY: Marbleized Paper/Canvas

This is a great activity for you and the kids... or just for you... Heck, I don't have kids and I LOVE doing it!! I always make my own cards and invitations so I like to do a bunch at a time so I have some when I have to create a random card. It really gives it a great look! Or they are great for table place cards or gift tags. I've always wanted to do these on bigger sheets or do a whole pile of them and decoupage my desk!! Looks awesome as a back splash on a canvas too. Or paint the canvas black and put colours and white. Ooohhh  Hello Wall Art!! Quick next project - Check!!

Anyways, it's really quite quick and simple, not too mention fun... it can get a wee bit messy, but what kind of fun is it with no mess? Anyways, no matter what you decide to Marbleize, use the method below.

Here's what you'll need:
Shaving cream - Must be foam, not gel
Paint (acrylic, tempera) or Food colouring - Whatever colours you choose, variation up to you!!
Paper/Canvas for marbleizing - Cardstock works best
Shallow tray on pan - That will fit your paper
Cardboard or card - To spread & remove shaving cream 

Here's what you'll do:

Fill your shallow pan or tray with a layer of shaving cream approximately 1/2 thick so it covers the whole bottom of the tray. Using a piece of cardboard or a card spread the shaving cream into an even layer.

Drip your colours of choice onto the shaving cream in various locations.

Once you have the desired amount of paint use the toothpicks to drag the color through the shaving cream. Drag back and forth in one direction then back and forth crosswise. Go in swirls and circles if you like. You may need to add more color as you go until you have the proper amount.

Gently press your paper into the shaving cream, making sure it is fully covered and then carefully lift it out and place it aside.

Repeat the above steps with the rest of the paper. You will most likely have to drip more colour into the shaving cream and spread around with toothpick as the paper will lift the color out of the shaving cream. You can continue using the same shaving cream for awhile. 

Leave your sheets of paper aside with the shaving cream on them for a couple minutes allowing the colour to really set in the paper.  

Grab a piece of cardboard and gently guide the shaving cream off of the paper, wiping them clean with paper towel afterwards if you still have some cream left.

There you have it! Marbleized paper/canvas! Pretty easy huh? Decorate the marbleized paper as you wish and you are good to go!


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