Sunday 1 July 2012

Braided Belt - Out of Your Old T-Shirt

Need a quick belt to dress up your outfit? Braided belts can really complete a nice outfit. And you can make this one in a very short period of time! Trust me... I know! I always need a quick fix to my outfit, made these plenty of times in plenty of colours!!

You don't need much for this goodie!Just an old shirt that you don't want and a pair of good fabric cutting scissors and you are ready to go!

This same method is used to get yarn!!

Take your old t-shirt and lay it flat on the table. Cut the bottom hem seam off and throw it away. Try to find a shirt with no seams at the sides otherwise you are going to have numerous short strips and not one big long one. Once you have the bottom part cut off, you are going to start to cut your strip of t-shirt. If you were cutting this for a specific pattern you might want to be careful and cut straight lines, but since this is for a braided belt, I don't care if my cuts are even or not. See below picture.

You are going to continue going around and around the t-shirt until you have gotten to the sleeves seams. I usually quit there cuz it's a fair amount of yarn by that point.

If your shirt has a logo on the front you can either choose to cut that part into your strip or you can stop where the logo starts. I usually stop, depending on the logo, sometimes it can really make a cool design.

When you are done, snip your strip off! And your pile should look like this. Almost done!!

Starting at one end, pick up the strip and stretch it out, this will cause the material to fold over... look familiar now?? Do that to the whole strip, stretching little bits at a time. Sorry about the pic, it's not too noticeable but you can see I'm stretching it.. lol

Once you are done your pile will now look like the picture below!!! Easy and painless right? YES!! If you are just making this for yarn to use at a later date, wrap it up and tie it up nicely.

If you are going to continue making a braided belt, take your yarn and wrap it around your waist (where you like the belt to sit) twice. This should be the length that you cut your 3 strings to make your braid. If you want a thicker braid, use 6 pieces. Wrap up the rest of the yarn and save it until later.

Tie the top in a knot and start to braid the yarn. Check frequently enough, wrapping the braid around your waist. Once you are complete you are going to tie the braided end in another little knot so it won't come undone! Snip of the remainder of the yarn, or leave it there to dangle, up to you!!!


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