Wednesday 18 July 2012

DIY: Make a Mini Notebook

Another fetish of mine is note books. I'm constantly writing notes or jotting things down. We always browse down the note book aisle at the Dollarama... and of course, I get one pretty much every time. I almost have too many... but there is never "too many" in my world.

This is a great notebook cuz it's small and it will fit right in my smallest purse. I need to have an on the go book for those random thoughts that I get when I'm out... or if I remember I need something. Then there is the "dedicated notes" note book that we use to write each other quick back and forth notes! Cute I know.... but they aren't always lovey dovey... most of the time it's more like "clean this, or get this while you are out". haha okay, and back on track I go.

One of the good things about making these note pads is if you use a big enough cereal box... and your note books are a smaller size (like these ones) you can usually get a couple note books out of one box. So make a few while you are at it! Keep them for yourself, or give them away to your friends as gifts, they really are quite cute once they are done... and they don't take too long to finish either!

Materials you will need:
Cereal or Oatmeal Box
Paper (white or lined, whichever you prefer)
Needle & Embroidery Thread or Thread (I like thicker for this, you can see it better)
Decorative Paper

What you do:
Take your cereal box and cut it so it's flat. Use your ruler and measure out the size of the note book. I did mine 8.5" by 6", but you can do yours whatever size you like, whether it's smaller, or bigger. If you are using a big cereal box, you can get two or three note books, so you might as well do a couple while you are at it! Once you are done, cut out your piece(s).

Fold your cut out in half so the blank cardboard is outward.

Next, sew your button about halfway down on the edge of the front of your note book. Make your thread longer so you can use it to wrap around and close your note book.

Trace the outline of your note book on to a piece of paper and glue it on the inside of your notebook to cover up the cereal packaging. You can use plain white paper if you like. I decided to use coloured paper since I was using blank white paper for the inside already... I wanted some colour in there to brighten up my day! :)

Take the paper that you are filling your note book up with and cut it so it's a little bit smaller than the outline of your book. If you want, you can glue the bottom and top sheets to the note book, but you don't have too.

Now, take your embroidery thread and needle and stitch the paper to your note book down the centre spine. And don't worry about the mess on the back, we are going to cover it anyway with the spine!!

Cut out a sheet of decorative paper to go on the front and back spine of your note book. Glue it on with glue (just a tip, glue both the cardboard and the paper, it sticks MUCH better that way).

Yay! Finished!! Now you got yourself a cute new notebook to take to work or class... or if you are like me, in your purse, by your bed, in the bathroom... lol, you never know where or when you are going to think of something that you don't want to forget!!!

Check back for more cool things to make out of recycled goods!!

xOx - L

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