Wednesday 11 July 2012

Canvas Love - Wall Art

Another boring day at my casa ... it always leads to something. I found a couple small canvases that I had bought awhile back for another DIY project that I never got around to doing... and in all honesty, I can't remember what they were for.

Since they are small, I decided to do a couple abstract paintings for the hallway by the door. They will look perfect!! I wish I had three, but two will do just fine.

So I grabbed my acrylic white paint and gave the two canvases 2 coats to brighten them up and waited until they were dry. I was just going to leave them, since you know... they are white already, but the white paint does look much better... and mine kind of got a little dirty from being in my drawer for who knows how long.

Once the white paint was dry, I grabbed my painters tape. It's pretty thick and my canvases are pretty little, so I decided to trim the tape in half lengthwise and some in half again to make the lines smaller. I just started cutting tape and sticking it in random places.

When I finally had all the tape on in a design that I was happy with, I grabbed two of my most favourite colours! Yellow and Deep Purple and started to paint. Eeek exciting!! (Yes I get excited over the littlest things) I put on one coat, let it dry and put on one more!

Once the paintings were dry I CAREFULLY peeled off the tape. In all honesty... something ALWAYS happens to my lines, no matter how friggin' careful I tend to be... soooo I'm usually pretty careless now when it comes to them... as you can see just painting completely over the tape like a mad woman!

Moment of truth... they turned out alright, a few little smudges, but nothing too horrible that I can't live with. Showed the hubby from a distance, said he couldn't notice. So they are okay in my books!

I think I am slowly running out of places to hang things, lol. Another reason my friends love me... They get gifts!!! :)

xOx - L

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