Wednesday 11 July 2012

Envelope Liners - DIY!

I had to make a card for my Mom for her Birthday today, so while I was stuffing it in the envelope, looking at it, I thought it was a BLAH! So, I decided to make an envelope liner to add a little bit of my own touch! Personalization adds so much to a card or present... or in this case an envelope. It makes the person feel special that you took the time to make it look just right... just for them!

I like this idea for wedding invitations too! It adds a little something extra to your invites, something more personal. If you don't feel comfortable drawing or doodling them yourself, find a background or image on the computer and print it off! I know if you make a lot of wedding invites, you might not want to hand draw them all, the computer would come in handy for that!

I decided to do a couple of them at once as it's my Grandpa's Birthday at the end of the month!

What you will need:
Plain or Coloured Paper
Markers, Crayons, Coloured Pencils

What you will do:
Draw designs or phrases on your plain or coloured paper. You are going to want to draw on 3/4 of the page, or just under half, but I guess it really depends on the size of the envelope.

Once you have your design drawn, lay the envelope on top of the paper and mark off the sides and bottom with a pencil. Cut just inside the lines so your piece of paper will fit snug inside the envelope.

Stuff your paper inside the envelope and shove it down until the top of the paper is at the top of the open flap of the envelope and turn it over.

Mark the envelope line with a pencil, then cut off the sides. Turn the envelope back over and push the liner down until it's right underneath the glue on the envelope. Fold the liner where the envelope flap folds and glue the liner down!

Now you got yourself a hand crafted gorgeous envelope that surely no one will want to rip!

xOx - L

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