Monday 9 July 2012

Paint Chip Card Boxes - Cuuute!!

Have extra paint chip cards kicking around? Don't really want to throw them out... but don't know what to do with them either? There are lots of cute little paint chip card crafts to do and these are probably one of my favorite things to do with them! Make cute little paint chip card boxes! They are perfect to use as a gift box or to keep on your desk for storage! No matter what you use them for, they really do look good!

For this particular project I used the wider paint chip cards. They are Behr from Home Depot.

So grab your paint chip cards, scissors, pencil and double sided tape and you are ready to roll. If you have an X-acto knife, use that instead of your scissors and pencil, will save you a step... I just lost mine :(

First we are going to make the bottom portion of the box. Cut a 1/2" strip off each of the two rounded ends of the swatch. You will be left with a 5" x 5" square.

Take a look at the above diagram for a reference.

At approximately 1.5" from one edge, you are going to score a line with your knife, or cut. Then repeat on the remaining three sides. If you find it easier, just measure in 1.5" in on every corner, drawing a line (like the above dashes) so you know where you are going to make the 4 cuts. the cuts are shown in black below.

The lid of the box is made the exact same way. Cut off the rounded edges and cut out a 3" x 3" square. At a point slightly less than 0.5" from one edge, you are going to score the lines with your knife. Do this on all 4 corners, just like the box. 

And we are almost finished, now you are going to fold each sheet on the scored lines, bending flaps inward, forming a box and securing the ends with double sided tape. Yay! We succeeded!!

Wow! This was kind of hard to explain. But I know that most of you have probably made mini boxes a time or two in your life! I remember making these in elementary school all the time! 

Like I said before, these boxes are super cute for your desk at work! Throw in your paper clips, thumb tacks or extra USB sticks, stack them up! I'm sure you will get lots of compliments!


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  1. This is a really cute idea. Be perfect to put my rings in for customers and earrings. Thank you for the post.