Tuesday 10 July 2012

The White Cart - The Quick Revamp!

We all have one.. or two... I'm sure of it. Whether it's filled with craft or baking supplies, food, clothes or storage of any sort... they really are an eye sore. I hate how you can see right through the front... right into... THAT MESS! I mean, that's the whole reasoning of the cart, to store things... so they AREN'T seen. And what do they do? They make the freaking drawers clear! Why is really beyond me. Why not make it white? Anyway, enough of my B****ing, you get the point.

I live in a smaller apartment and I'm ALL about being organized, its really hard to do with all my crafts and "stuff". I have 2 carts and they are both jam packed full of stuff and it really does create quite the eye sore... I mean, they are just so ugly, yes, I'm blunt! So I decided to cover the fronts with decorative paper... staying organized and looking pretty!

I was going to go to the store to buy some new paper, but decided to use the stuff I had here. *we are trying to save money, so I'm trying to cut back where I can*.

Other than the decorative paper, you don't need much. Grab a pencil, scissors, a ruler and double sided (clear) tape. This is a quickie too, shouldn't take you very much time!

I measured the drawers and cut the decorative paper to fit the front of the drawers. I decided only to do the front since my carts are beside walls, so you can't see in the sides anyways, but you can do the front and sides if you choose! Place the double sided tape on the paper and stick it to the front of the drawer! Do this to all the drawers and you are done!!

And remember: A simple and quick fix to hide a mess is never a waste of time!

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