Saturday 14 July 2012

Turn a Book into a Vintage Card or Note Holder!

Lately it seems I've been into thinking of ways to re-use stuff that would otherwise get thrown out. Everywhere you look there are more and more ideas coming out of how to reuse and recycle old products.

So, everyday I am going to try to show at least one DIY project used from recycled materials. Whether it takes me a couple days... or five minutes... it will get done!

I'm constantly looking for places to put important invitations, cards, dates of appointments, bills, mail, the odd picture...etc, my desk has crap ALL over it. I mean I'm organized, but it gets messy in the mean time if you get what I mean.

So I took an old hard cover book that I definitely wasn't going to read (I honestly don't even know why I have it) and I started folding the pages in half. Yes! Once this is done it's gonna fan out and I'll have TONS of spots for things... and it will look pretty damn cool on my desk too!!

The more pages, the more slots, but the longer it takes... just remember that! It's not like you are going to fill in every slot anyways, just random ones here and there! And that way you won't spend too much time routing through to find things! Its a great accent piece too, stick a few black and white photos in it and put it on a shelf or something.

But this is definitely another great "non-thinker" project to sit in front of the t.v with. Or go sit outside, instead of reading a book, fold it! lol Yup, that's my great sense of humor! lol.


xOx - L

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