Friday 13 July 2012

DIY Wedding Decor - On a Budget!

Anyone getting married and thinking... how am I ever going to afford this? I've seen lots of couples almost go broke because of their wedding. Whether it was from decorations, the dresses, the food... everything adds up and your pocket book usually looks pretty empty afterwards.

There are so many things that you can do yourself to help you save money. Something that can be used twice is better than something you have to throw out after it's use. Make everyone want to take a piece of your wedding home with them!!

The first big money breaker... The Invites!

Be original with your invite like the one to the right! Head to the photobooth in your local mall, snap some pics and take your slide to get copied. You can make them on the computer or cut and paste. Either way, they will still look great! I know everyone will be talking about them. And it's an invite you will probably keep forever!!!

Grab your sewing machine and start making pouches for cards that you have gotten printed (or even better, made and printed yourself) out of chunks of fabric! This is great for hand delivered invites. You would probably still have to put them in an envelope if going in the mail. So only make a few of them and hand deliver them to your special guests!!! 

You know what they say... sometimes simple is better... or something like that! I love these invites. A nice bright pink or your favourite colour on black or white cardstock for the background. Design and print these beauties off and glue them on cardstock! Done!! And they are just as nice as those fancy white ones you pay the big bucks for!

Next up to think about is your table centre pieces.

What will you do? Do you have your colours picked out yet? If you do, it's time to start thinking about what to put in the middle of your tables. Depending on how many people you have invited, this could get really pricy. So lets look at some neat cheap frugal DIY ideas that can help you save some money for your big day!

I don't know if this candy centre piece would work at every wedding, but depending the theme, this could definitely work. You can usually get candy pretty cheap at the Dollarama even Sugar Mountain isn't that expensive! Get creative, let your mind wander!!

Wrap up old wine bottles (or a 24 of beer bottles) in twine. If you want different colours but only have the normal brown colour of twine, get out your spray paint after you are done wrapping them and give them a coat, make them the colour that you want!

For information on wrapping bottles, click here.

I actually have something similar to this on my kitchen table. Get a bowl/vase bowl and put some water in it. You can dye the water with food colouring if you like. Put in a water lily or a floating fake flower or candle and sprinkle some fake flower petals (Dollarstore or Craft Store) or real flower petals all over the table! Light a couple tea light candles and the table is set!!!!!

Well hope you got some sort of idea for a little bit of help... I know if I ever get married... which honestly, I don't think I will... I have tons of ideas in mind for decor!!

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