Tuesday 10 July 2012

DIY: Mason Jar Pin Cushions

I know you have all seen these before... They are definitely a pretty common project... but I don't know if you all know just how easy of a DIY it really is. It doesn't take that long at all, you can do it while you watch your favourite show or those boring parts of the news. And one of the best parts about it... is you probably have everything you need right at home!

These are a great place to store all your spools or bobbins. Some of you might even have yours stored in one already... well why don't you make it have 2 uses and add a pin cushion to the top! Perfecto! They really make a cute gift for an avid sewer or new sewer as well. Shove a whack of sewing accessories in it and you are good to go!! You can even get fancy and start to dress up the mason jar too!

Here's what you'll need:
Mason Jar w/ lid
batting or sponge
fabric (scrap chunk)
hot glue
cardstock (small chunk)

And here's what you'll do:
First you are going to trace the metal lid onto the piece of card stock and then cut it out approximately 1/8 of an inch inside your traced line.

Next, trace the metal lid onto the piece of fabric. When you cut out the fabric, make sure you leave approximately an inch of fabric all the way around.

Grab a bunch of batting (approximately a fist full), work it so it's in a ball and cut it off.

Layer the top of the lid with hot glue and stick your fist full of batting to it. Turn it over onto the back of the fabric circle.

Now you are going to begin gluing the fabric to the underside of the lid. Pull the fabric over the batting and secure with glue to the edge of the lid (where the rim meets the lip of the jar). Work your way around securing the fabric to the lid with hot glue. Try to avoid too much bulk, you are going to want to make sure the lid still closes.

Grab the circle of cardstock you cut out earlier and glue it to cover up the glued fabric.

Squeeze the piece inside the rim and you are done! **Make sure that your piece will fit inside the rim of the jar allowing the lid to screw on and off.

And you are done!! Now tell me that wasn't simple!?! Stick some pins in them, fill up the jar with sewing accessories and place it on a shelf!  Like I said before, they even make cute gifts for someone that enjoys sewing.


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