Monday 16 July 2012

DIY: Hot Tank - The 3 Braid Back

If you don't have any old shirts to use... Go raid the hubby's closet for this one ladies! Cuz this one is a hot one!! This 3 Braided Back Racer Tee is perfect for a bathing suit cover up for when you are at the beach! It also makes a nice shirt, although you have to get it the right size. My man is too big, so his clothes always end up being cover ups... for this t-shirt to be nice and form fitting you would want to go a size bigger than what you are.

You don't need a sewing machine for this sexy shirt either! You will be out and wearing it and looking good in no time at all!

What you need:
V- Neck T-Shirt
Needle & Thread (that match shirt)
Marking Tool (chalk, pencil, marker, etc)

What you do:
Cut off both sleeves of the shirt. Draw the line you want to cut on the shirt if you don't feel comfortable free hand cutting. You are going to want to end (or start) whichever way you cut, right beside the collar line. See picture below.

Turn your shirt over so the front is facing down and you are working on the back of the shirt. Cut the collar so it's only attached at the front and the back is free. I accidentally cut mine off (as you can see from the picture below), but I can just stitch it on, no biggie, I'm just a clutz and sometimes don't think when I am doing things. LOL.

Cut two strips down the back, this will create three equal  strips down the back of your shirt. (I folded the front of the shirt down so it was easier for you guys to see what I mean). If you want more of your back to show, cut out bigger chunks of fabric (that's what I did).

Right on, now we are ready to braid. I work in sections for this part cutting one strip in to three at a time... this way you don't have 9 strips of fabric and it's less confusing working with just the 3.

Take your first strip and cut it in to 3 strips. Tug on the strips causing them to stretch and curl up and start to braid. Repeat for other 2 strips.

Once you have your three braids, stitch them to the underside of the collar. Trim off the excess material and you are ready to rock this top!

Don't mind the mess! LOL. A little big, but like I said before, if it's too big for you as a shirt, wear it as a beach cover up!!! I like it big, it looks cute with a pair of stretchies! Next time, I'd do this with a medium not an XL, hehe.

xOx - L

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