Tuesday 17 July 2012

DIY: The No Sew Tote Bag, Made From a Pillow Case!

Bored of the ever familiar tote bag that you can get from every store? Need something to carry a few items home from the market on the weekend but want something different than every body else? Well, I did... so I decided to make this "no sew" tote bag. And it's made from no other than a pillow case!

There are sooo many great things you can do with a pillow case... this is just one of them! When I get my sewing machine back I think I want to make a dress.

These bags are so fabulous because it involves no sewing machine (which at the moment, I am unfortunately without one) to make them! All of the stitches are already there! So go grab a pillowcase and get ready to go! If you don't want to leave it the way it is... maybe it's to blah for you....grab your paint and sponge and add a design to your bag! I'm going to skip that step, but if you are feeling creative... have fun with it!!

Here's what you need:
Pillowcase (I used a standard size bag. Use king size case for a bigger bag)
Strip of Long Fabric (Strap)
Scissors or an X-acto knife
Acrylic Paint and Sponge (For pattern)

And what you do:
Lay the pillowcase down on a flat surface with the open end facing towards you.

Then grab the open end side of the pillowcase and fold it about half way up. If you are using a standard size pillowcase, you are going to want to fold it a little over half (see picture below).

If you are going to add a design to your tote bag, now is the time to do it. If you are going to use a sponge, cut out your shape you want to use from a dish sponge, dab it in paint and place the desired design on your bag. If you are doing straight lines, use painters or masking tape if you aren't comfortable free hand painting your lines. Wait for the paint to completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Next is the strap. Cut small holes on both sides of the pillowcase where the open end meets the back layer, making sure you cut through all the layers.

Stuff the ends of the fabric in the holes and knot it on both sides. I used 3 pieces of fabric and braided them together. Then I took the ends, stuck them through the holes and knotted them together.

Almost done, super easy huh?

Turn your bag over. Take the two bottom corners and fold them diagonally, bringing them together so the ends touch. Cut a small hole in each of the corners and place a small piece of fabric through and secure with a knot. Make sure you only cut holes in the corner pieces and not the other part of your bag!

If you want a tassel or button or clip on your bag, scrunch up the front and tie fabric in a knot with pieces hanging out or sew a big button on!

Now, it`s time to head to the mall and fill this bad boy up!

Make sure the straps are tied in very tight knots. You wouldn`t want your bag falling apart and everything fall out of it when you are down town!!

I'm actually impressed.. It holds a heavy enough load! Woohoo!!!

xOx - L

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