Tuesday 3 July 2012

DIY: Knotted Headband

I had some jersey knit fabric left over from the other day when I made a braided rope belt, so thought I'd make a headband while I was at it and still had everything out. You can make this headband out of old shirts or any jersey knit fabric. It really does make an adorable headband but you could use the knot technique to make something else, like a belt!

Sorry for the blurryness, had to take this one myself cuz no one was around to help me! LOL But you can see it better in the bottom picture!!

First we are going to make the knot! It is really easy once you've done it a time or two. I've tried it with ribbon and other fabrics and it just doesn't look as good when it comes out as it does with jersey fabric.

In the tutorial pictures I used only 2 strips of fabric so it was easier for you to see the stetps, but for the the finished headband I used 4. You can use however many as you want. The more strands you use, the thicker the knot!

Here's what you'll need:
Jersey Knit Fabric (cut strips from old t-shirt and stretch them) click here to see how to make strips.
Hot Glue or Craft Glue

You are going to use two strips of fabric (or more once you master the knot) that are cut approximately 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches wide. Make sure the strips are long enough to wrap around your head where you will place your headband. I leave mine long, making sure I have enough, you just trim off the extras later!

Place your first strip of fabric like this.

Then place your second strip on top of the first piece, like this.

Next, you are going to take the top tail of the first piece and place it over the second, as shown below.

Then you are going to put the bottom of the second tail under the first pieces loop.

Almost there! I should have done this in 2 different colours, I really wasn't thinking... but I'm sure you guys got it! I tried to be as descriptive as can be... with my AWESOME paint skills... LOL.

Take the tail of the 2nd piece and weave it over the 1st piece, under the 2nd and over the last, see the picture below.

Then you are going to carefully pull each end, keeping it flat and even. Pull on opposite ends, diagonally (as shown below), pulling little bits at a time.

Pull one end then switch and do the opposite strings. And remember, keep it flat!

Yay! The knot is done! You might have to play with it a little bit to get it exactly how you want it. Remember, you can use more strands, the more the strands, the bigger the knot!

Now that your knot is tied, put it on your head and decide how you want to wear it and where you want the knot to lay. Trim the extra pieces off your head band. You are going to want to trim where the ends meet at the back of the head (so the tie is not shown) Save 2 strings for ties for later. Note: Since my knot is off center to the side, the strings are not even, one end is longer than the other!

For the ends we are going to need 2 small pieces of fabric (Approx 1 inch wide), enough to wrap around the ends of your headband and the 2 pieces you saved to use for ties. Glue the strips to the bigger piece as shown below. Do this to both ends.

Then you are going to wrap the fabric over to hide all of the ends. Secure with hot glue.

Let dry and you are ready to wear it out! Beats paying for it at the store!


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