Friday 20 July 2012

A Couple DIY Shoe Rack/Holder Ideas.... Ahhhh Shoes!!!

I LOVE SHOES!!!!! I say that with all caps because I mean it. I LOVE them. With the bottom of my heart! Shoes and purses. Ahhh!

Well, with a lot of shoes... comes a lot of space to have to put them. So we have to use our space efficiently. I know I have a lot of shoes, I can go count, but I don't want too... and half of them are in storage bins at my boyfriends Moms house! We live in an apartment so space really is limited. But you gotta make the most of what you got... or get rid of some shoes... and that's probably not gonna happen, not in my case anyways!

You can always make the tulip shoe tree!! It doesn't hold many shoes, but it sure is cute!

If you are a heel girl like me... this here is a wicked idea to put crown molding on the wall and hang your shoes there! It's a good wall filler if you are drawing a blank!!! It would also be a nice space saver for in the closet if you have room above the coats.

Is your front door crowded with shoes! Your hubby's shoes, your kids shoes, their friends shoes! I remember when I used to live at my parents, our shoes (and half the neighbourhoods) would be all over right at the front door and she used to get so frustrated! LOL... Now I totally understand how she felt, but back then, I just didn't care! Sorry Mom. I love you! This drain pipe shoe rack would have came in handy back then eh?

If you have an idea, post it here!! Mine are just in one of those ugly boring fabric shoe holders that hangs from the closet... It hold a lot of shoes, but it isn't the prettiest. I guess that's why it goes in the closet. But I was thinking, I might cover it with a piece of fabric or something. That way it won't be such an eye sore. Good idea Linds!!! Add it to the book! lol

xOx - L

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