Monday 16 July 2012

Make a Mat out of Recycled Milk Bags!

A big thanks to my man's Mom for this one. She's been busy making mats out of milk bags for the last couple years now. It's a great time waster while watching t.v. or sitting outside, you don't really have to think about what you are doing! lol

So, she made one for us last year and I decided I so badly wanted to try to make one... especially since they were apparently oh so easy and any basic crocheter would be able to do it! Awesome, cuz I haven't crocheted in years!

What you need:
Milk Bags, Cut into one big long strip (Quite a lot, so start saving) *See Note Below*
Big Crochet Hook

Note: We got our milk bags cut because there is a church that gets them donated for Milk Bag projects for Haiti. There is a cool way to cut them so that your milk bag comes out in one long strip. I have not had to figure that out yet. When we do, we will post it here. If you know or figure it out, please, let me know!! I believe you fold your bag so it looks like it's in strips and you cut diagonal lines? But don't quote me on that... Okay, this is really bugging me now, I sense a project coming up!

I have seen others just cut the bags in strips and tightly knot them together making one long strip. You can do it with a lot of short strips too, it would just be more knotting or linking the strips in to your mat.

What you do:

Note: Depending on how big of a mat you want to make, depends how many chains you are going to crochet. But here is a quick guide to help get you started.

20"x30" Mat - Starting Chain 23 - About 9 inches

18"x27" Mat - Starting Chain 20 - About 8 inches

To Start:
Using 2 strips of milk bag (only for the 1st time, you will always only use 1 strip afterwards), start your chain of 23 (or 20). Turn on 2nd chain from hook and single crochet around the chain, increasing twice at each end. Continue to single crochet around, increasing only at ends and as required to keep rug flat. You don't have to increase at every end every time. Only when the mat starts to fold inwards. If the rug begins to turn up, it is because it requires more frequent increasing at ends. Be sure not to increase at the same point every time, it will form an undesirable pattern. Work a slip stitch over the last row for improved edge.

I hope you understood that... I think that was my very first time explaining crocheting! lol

You can keep going as big as you like. Sometimes I get lost in it while watching t.v and I just keep going and going and going, lol. Once you are done, put it outside on your balcony, or in your kitchen. Kev uses his to sit on while he goes fishing! They are awesome!

Mom came over and she was like... Linds, is that made out of milk bags? Sure is Mom! She loved it! She liked it so much, I made her one! And now she wants to make one! Well, here you go Mom! .... Since I still haven't got the pattern to you! LOL

xox - L

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  1. Thank-you so much as I didn't no how to attach the strips together. May I ask what size crochet hook U used? I have a 16 here but I think that maybe way to big, any help is appreciated....By the looks of your hook is it an 8 maybe? Your mat turned out wonderfully. Thanks for sharing this info!!!!