Tuesday 3 July 2012

Metallic Table - DIY!!

I'm sure by now you have all seen metallic rusted tables and accessories out in the stores lately. And I think they are HOT HOT HOT!! But they are also pretty pricy! The metallic paint still tends to look like it has been painted on doesn't always look the best. Well, try this technique from vintage revivals to get the look... without going to buy the metallic paint...

Can you guess what you use? Well I'm sure by now you have all guessed Mod Podge, steel paint (see pic below).. and Tin Foil to complete this look! If you have some glaze in a black tint, grab it too, although I think this can be done without it.

So grab your old night stand or table, tinfoil, Modpodge and some popsicle sticks or thick card of some sort to guide the tinfoil down and we are ready to do this!

Lightly wrinkle a piece of tin foil (as big as piece as you feel comfortable working with) then apply a coat of Mod Podge to your table and put the shiny side of the foil down where the Mod Podge is. Smooth it down carefully so it doesn't rip, we all know how easy it is to rip tinfoil. Smooth it down with a popcicle stick or a card and then apply a coat of Mod Podge on top of the foil. Make sure the ends of the foil are all flat. Repeat until your table is covered! You will most likely end up layering the tinfoil, but it kind of completes the look and if you really want you can continue layering it with sealant and sanding to get the exact look that you want. You can also apply another layer of Mod Podge after you are complete to make sure it really has some coating on it!

Get out your Steel Paint (see picture below) Paint it on and rub it off really quickly, working in small sections. You will see the piece changing colour!

I don`t have black glaze, so I`m hoping I can skip this step and save money (will let you know, you too if you try this)... but if need be, use a Glaze in tinted black, like Ralph Lauren`s Faux Glaze in Black Silk. Put it on and rub it off.  Just like the steel paint. Let dry!!

Ta Da complete!!! I love love love this. Like I said before. I think I`m going to do our night tables like this when I re-do our bedroom.... unless I think of something else by then... hehehe


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