Wednesday 11 July 2012

6 DIY: Bedroom Divider Ideas - Ahh What to do!! My Worst Nightmare!!!!

I wanted an office/stock room. He wanted a "Man Cave". So we decided... half and half. Okay, we can live with that, we just won't be able to do completely what we both wanted. But... we love each other soooo compromise is the key... so they say! lol

So in the next little while, we will be focusing on splitting up the room. I decided we should do some sort of divider... I'm just not 100% sure of what I want yet... or what will work being key.

I've seen a lot of ideas around... but we don't really have the room in order yet... so I don't know what's going to work. I thought while rummaging around I might as well share what I find... just in case some other girl has that exact same problem with their man... lol

If you are lucky enough and your room is spacious, you could go with the older painted doors for a room separator. I like the different colours. The flowers give it a cute country look.

This would be kinda cool for by the computer area. Put it around your desk to block you in. I'd put cork board on the other side so I could stick all my sticky notes, pictures and phone #'s on it too! No matter how old chevrons will get, I will still love them...

Love Love Love this room divider. It's made out of pallets!  You can usually score pallets for free, so you can build this goodie for next to nothing! Hang some pictures on it or flowers or bottles. It would even look good painted!! I think this would look great in an open style house... cough cough Mom. LOL.

Believe it or not, the above room divider is made out of old vinyl records and covered with contact paper. They said they tried to paint them, but they weren't satisfied with the results. Doesn't even look like contact paper up close! I think this is sooo cool! Kinda makes me wish I had some old records around! Boo!

This old window wall divider is definitely awesome!!! With the coloured windows! I don't know if that's painted or decoupaged tissue paper, but either way, it looks great!

You can just go with curtains as well. If all else fails. It always looks good. You can even get creative and cut out different fabrics and make strips like the picture above.

Well, I still don't really know what I'm going to do... but that's okay, I'll get there! lol

xOx - L

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