Monday 2 July 2012

Everyone Loves Picture Frames

Picture frames are ALL over my house. Whether they have pictures in them, decorative paper or objects... they are everywhere! I just can`t get enough. Go to Walmart, grab a picture frame, same with the Dollarama. I have a stack of them I don`t even have filled yet. I think I should stop buying and making them... but I won`t. That`s like trying to stop buying shoes... A Big NOT Happening!!

Love the clock art!! Think this is such a cute idea. It would be cute with pictures of your child growing up too! Or the family as it ages.. Or your friends! Ahh Love it! Thinking of something like it for my bedroom... although the hubby isn`t the best at telling time... I think he will have to learn sooner or later!! haha

Or you can do a trapeze of pics of your family and friends! This looks great in any room of the house! And it won`t take too long to make!

Book idea is different! If you have some old encyclopedias or novels that you just don`t use or read anymore (you don`t necessarily have to wreck them) you can place pictures on the front of the book with double sided tape or with Mod Podge! Stand the book up, put it on your shelf and it looks great! I`m sure you will get compliments on this unique frame!

This picture frame looks like it was made out of ribbon. Folding it in half gluing the edges down. You can do this with a piece of cardboard or to an old frame that you have laying around. If using cardboard, you can buy plastic insert sheets for picture frames at your local craft store and sometimes the Dollarama.

This was made out of old gift and credit cards believe it or not! Cut up your cards and glue them on to an old picture frame that you don`t want anymore. You can also do the cardboard thing again and use that for your picture frame!! 

This is cute and easy!! Made out of cardboard (you can use an old picture frame), embroidery thread, sticks and paper. Wrap the sticks in plain white paper (or colour of your choice, that`s what is going to show through the embroidery thread). Once done, wrap different colours of embroidery thread around the paper sticks. You can make them with as much thread or as little as you want. Once the sticks are wrapped, glue them to the picture frame!! 

Have you made your own picture frame lately?


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