Friday 13 July 2012

Shirt Reconstruction... Inspiration for your Imagination!

That old shirt your going to throw out... think again! At least I do. Now every time I go to throw something out or give it away I think, will I need this for material or would I wear it if it looked different... Probably, give it a go. I mean if the shirt doesn't turn out, it's okay, it was going in the garbagio anyway!

There are so many different things you can do with your shirts to make them look different and kick ass! So let's take a look at some of my favs! For some, you don't even need to sew! LOVE IT... cuz I'm really not the best with the sewing machine... yet anyway. One day, I will master the technique, I just haven't had the time to actually sit down and get to know the thing yet!

Love this shirt above!! This shirt here involves no sewing.. just shears/scissors, some weaving and some tugging! And a hell of a lot of patience! Definitely would be nice for a day like today. It's so hot you just wanna sit here in your underwear... thank gosh for A/C, I don't know where I'd be without it this week!! I'm definitely going to try to do this shirt sometime this week! We will see if I succeed in making it similar to this one!

This DIY Workout Shirt is super easy... and you will look super cute working out!! If you don't have an old over sized shirt, go steal an old one from your man, your brothers or your kids. All you need is a shirt and a pair of scissors for this hot tank!

For the full DIY tutorial for this shirt, click here. 

This again, is no sew, just cutting and weaving!!! This is definitely for an experienced cutter and weaver. I'm not quite there yet. Maybe when the shirts are out of style I'll be a pro! LOL.  It's hard to explain weaving in a tutorial, but there are lots of tutorials on youtube for weaving shirts... cutting too, that's where I learned. You tube is AWESOME!! lol.

Anything you wanna do, you can find how to do it there!!

I'm currently making this braided back shirt! I started it before I went away on holidays, didn't finish it yet, but I plan on doing that soon. And with the finished product comes a step by step! So, if you like it, stay tuned within the next coming week for the know how! And if you want to wear it like... this weekend, search the internet, I'm sure you will find something!!!

Well, these bracelets aren't shirts... but they are made out of out shirts!! Awesome!! You can use as many colours as you like... or as many t-shirts! Maybe your shirt is already multi-coloured... that might be cool too!

This shirt would be nice for those cool summer evenings. I think it's super cute! Who's up for this challenge??

Anyways, I hope some of you, like me, make new clothes out of old clothes!! I love when someone asks where'd ya get that shirt? And you get the pleasure of saying I made it! :) Nothing makes my day more!

xOx - L

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