Wednesday 4 July 2012

Decorative Magnets - Dimensional Magic

Had to make a batch of magnets for this weekend. I usually do a bunch at a time, there are so many different cool magnet DIY's that we have done in the past, we could probably open a little shop, lol. This time, I thought I'd do some using Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, which is a liquid that adds dimension to your objects! You can get it at any craft store or Walmart. I personally love it. Use it to complete jewellery, magnets and picture frames... and that is just to name a few! As you all know... Mod Podge Rocks! :)

Anyways,  there really isn't much to these little guys at all. I gathered a bunch of beer caps and magnets and headed to my desk. If you want to get really fancy, you can paint the beer caps (I don`t, they pretty much get covered by the magnet anyway). I grabbed some decorative paper. Actually, the marbleized paper that I made the other day to be exact (click here for DIY tutorial) and started tracing the outline of the beer cap for the insides.

Once you have as many as you need, cut them out. They will be a little bigger than the cap and you will need to trim them to size. Once they fit, place them inside the cap.

While I was placing the paper in the caps, I had a brain wave. Decided I was going to grab a few little trinkets from my craft collection and put them in the caps... see how they turned out! I only wanted to make a couple of these, just in case they didn`t work. So I grabbed a butterfly and a rose and dropped them in the caps!

Now we are ready for some Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. Do not shake it, shaking it will cause bubbles. Apply a layer covering your objects and paper and allow them to sit. The bottle says it will dry in 3 hours... depending how thick you place it! LOL. I usually leave mine overnight.

They are going to look creamy like the picture above, don`t be alarmed, it will dry clear! Once they are dry, they look like a sheer raised glass! Time to stick some magnets on them! If you don`t want to glue them on, the magnets will usually magnetize themselves to the cap anyways. But I like to hot glue mine down. They are for keeps! Love my magnets!!!

Soo, my camera doesn`t do them any justice.. I think my next investment should be a GOOD camera!!


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