Thursday 19 July 2012

Turning Drawers in to Shelves!

So my boyfriend comes home with two drawers in the back of his truck last week. When I seen that he didn't have any thing else... like a stand or a dresser, I realized... I think he has a project in mind.

Yup, I hit that nail on the head! I asked him what they were for. He said you hunny! hahaha! Too funny, I don't effin' want them! Just another thing to add to "Lindsay's F'n List of Things To Do". He wanted me to make him "drawer shelves" because I mentioned them once before. He had them stuck in his head. So since I love him Oh So Much, I decided I would make them for him... you know, for his "Man Cave".  So they sat there, taking up space, until I just couldn't look at them anymore. They have to be done, they have to get out my space and in to his. You know you love someone when you do their shelves before your t.v. stand...and ALLLLLL your other projects... LOL

These are just ordinary drawers, they look like they were from a desk. I believe Kev found them on the side of the road on good garbage day to tell you the truth... Hey now, nothing wrong with that... have you ever seen what rich people put on their curbs? Man, I'm telling ya, sometimes you can find real gems!

So I got out my trusty tool set and went to work removing the handle and the side sliders from both of the drawers.

If there are any holes, fill them with wood. If you are going to be connecting your drawers to attach the shelves later, you can leave two of the holes in the front (where the drawer handles used to be) to attach them after you are done painting. I didn't know what we were doing with it yet... so I just decided to fill all the holes and deal with it later.

Yup, I'm messy, I know!! lol

Once the wood filler is dry, it's time to sand. Sand the drawers where you are going to paint to roughen them up so the paint sticks better... and sand the wood filler where the holes were making it nice and smooth and even, you don't want to see them when you paint!

I decided not to paint the whole drawer, so I taped off some edges before painting. Tape any edges off before painting if need be. Make sure the tape is tightly pressed down on the edges, you don't want the paint to leak. If you did a base coat first and want to do some fine edge work, tape the edges and paint over the edge of the tape with the colour of the base coat. Let it dry and then paint your second coat. The base coat seals the tape and gives it a lot less chance of seepage.

And it was time to paint. Woo hoo! I decided on black because it will match all the other shelves in his room. After the first coat was done and dry, I gave it a second coat. Looking at it, I knew I definitely didn't need a third coat, so before the paint was dry, I peeled off all of the painters tape. The paint peels and sucks real bad if you leave the tape and remove it when the paint is dry... trust me... I know from previous experiences, LOL.

I was going to put a stencil in the background of Kev's fav show SOA (Sons of Anarchy), but he saw the shelves and he decided he wanted them now... and he said quote unquote "people aren't going to see them anyway, what's it matter what it's got on em".... MEN (well most of them)! They just don't understand!!!!!

So... I did a final coat of protector/sealant on the shelves, a little saddened that I didn't get to do the stenciling might I add, but only for a short minute, on to the next project that's been waiting for awhile... my t.v. stand.

Before Kevin could take them for his "Man Cave" I decided to decorate them just a little bit... you know, so they didn't look so bland for my pictures! Yay Me! I'm learning! LOL

xOx - L

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