Wednesday 11 July 2012

DIY: Easy Peasy Push Pins ... Buttons/Flowers/Butterflys!!

I love little cute office supplies. I used to walk through the Dollarama and Staples and look at all their cute new push pins with buttons or ladybugs or bees on them and think ... those are so cute... I should make those. So the next few times going to Dollarama, I realized, I ain't making those... and I bought a few. I have no idea where half of them are anymore, good thing they were only a dollar.

Well, now I need some. So I went to Dollarama and got a box of normal pushpins. I thought... this time, I'm just going to make some! It's not going to take much time at all... definitely be worth it!

What you need:
Hot Glue Gun
Thumb Tacks - Flat head tacks are better to use

What you do:
Let your hot glue warm up, once it's warm place a thin layer of glue on the top head of the thumb tack.

Place the thumb tack on the center of the button (or whatever you are putting on). Let dry.

Once dry you can start to use them!! They look sooo much better than the plain thumb tacks!! And just as good as the cool ones you can get in the store... but cheaper... and made by YOU!!! Everyone at work will be asking where you got them!!

xOx - L
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