Tuesday 10 July 2012

5 DIY Jewellery Ideas!

What do you keep your jewellery in or on? In a jewellery box? on a rack? a tree? Just in a box? If you are sick of not showing off your jewellery the way it should, then this post is for you!

Here are some great easy designs to make so you can make an arrangement on your dresser or table!

The Jewellery Tree
Grab a tree branch, one with several  twigs coming out in different locations. Depending how much jewellery you have, you can make it bigger or smaller, with fewer or many more branches on it! Get a nice looking vase or jar or even a pepsi bottle. If need be, you might have to fill it with sand or vase filler for it to stand just the way you want it! Hang your necklaces and your earrings up and look at it shine! If you don't like the brown colour sticks, spray paint them a colour that you like or matches your room. Like in the picture below.

The Jewellery Wall
I know a lot of you have probably done this a time or two in your day. Just sticking little nails or thumb tacks in the wall and hanging all of your necklaces on them! If you have a tonne of necklaces, this might be a good idea for you. You can even get creative and put little knick knacks by the nail (or get the new thumbtacks that they have out) so it gives it a little something more to look at!

The Wire Jewellery Tree
If you don't want to go out and get an actual tree, maybe it just won't go with your room, or you just don't plain want it. So make a wire jewellery tree like they have in the stores! Minus those cute little girls with the nice outfits! haha! Anyways, to make this you need some wire and a piece of cork board. You will need something for the base of the tree as well. In this picture, they used a ceramic beading tray, you can probably find something at the Dollarstore if you don't have anything. Start by cutting the wire and wrapping it around each other until it begins to take the shape of a tree. Use needle nosed pliers to curl the ends of the "tree branches" in spirals so it can hold your jewellery! Stick the bottom pieces in the cork and glue the cork in to what you decide to use as your bottom! Let dry and then hang all your necklaces and bracelets!!

Jewellery Board
If you don't like the jewellery stands, try this! Cover a piece of cork board with fabric or lace (if need be, spray paint the cork board). Place it inside a frame, hang it up and start sticking your earrings in! What a great idea! If you have lots of bracelets and necklaces, use small nails or thumb tacks to hold them up!

The Jewellery "Box"
If you have a TONNE of jewellery, this is a great idea for a "Jewellery Box".... although it's big. Proabably takes up a good chunk of the wall, you can make it smaller if you like. Create a box (which also can act later as a shelf.... 2 in 1, love it). Hang up your necklaces and bracelets, throw cute decorative boxes at the bottom for hair accessories or things that can't be hung up!

I have my jewellery on stands, but thinking when I redo my room, I'm going to change that! I really like the framed cork board idea!


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