Saturday 14 July 2012

DIY: Faux Lacquer Boxes

I am in love with wooden lacquer boxes. Problem is... they are expensive as shit and quite frankly I don't have $75 to $200 to spend on boxes! Insane!!!! I mean, I wish I had that kind of money to spend on boxes... but I don't, I have to buy clothes and food and pay bills, lol.

I know my boxes will never quite be the exact same as the beautiful lacquer boxes you see on the shelves in stores, but I'm hoping to get darn close. I like to sit in front of the t.v at night at paint, so I love having lots of little projects on the go!

If you like what you see and wanna give these a go... check it out!!

Wooden Boxes (from any craft store, Dollarama)
Small Screw Driver
Wood Filler
Paint (colours of choice)
Gloss or Glaze
Painters Tape
Paint Brushes

First things first, remove the clasps at the front of the box with your screw driver. Only remove the front, keep the hinges on the back in place. Fill the holes with wood filler. If you don't have any around, you can just use paint (use your base colour). Once the holes that are plugged are dry, sand the box so it gets nice and smooth!!

Once the box is sanded to your liking, it's time to paint the base coat. Give your box 2 coats of paint (more if needed).

Don't forget to put tape in the opening... you don't want your box to get sealed shut! Once it's fully dry, give it a light sanding to get rid of any brush strokes, paint etc. 

Tape your box with painters tape to form your stripes. (Gurr kinda pissed, when I went to do this it was late (you know... my t.v craft and all) in my PJ's, ready for the tape and I have none!!! Someone forgot to tell me we were out... cough cough. Anyways, thank god for masking tape, but still not the same perfection). Okay, sorry, got off track there.

Once your tape is on forming the lines, take your base colour and seal the edges of the tape.

Once dry, paint over it with your stripe colour and fill in the lines! Do as many coats as you need. Once you are done your last coat, peel up the tape (while paint is wet), I find it works best this way!!

You will notice you have to do multiple sittings for the lines. At least I did. Unless you are the master taper, it's just easier that way. Try doing your vertical lines first and then your horizontal, allowing to dry in between.

Once all of your lines are on, it's ready for the gloss/glaze. Give it two coats, allowing to completely dry in between, don't apply your second coat, even if the tad bit sticky. If you don't want the shiny look, you can just leave them matte and not put any final coat on!

Once dry, they are ready to be shown off! Whether it/they sit on your desk at work or are for decoration at home. Mine's on my desk, cards and sticky notes inside.

I know they aren't perfect like the real deal. They aren't as smooth or as lacquer-ish (yes, I make up words)  but they aren't as expensive as them either! I love them and think they are perfect and adorable! I'm more in to "look alike copy's" anyways!!

xOx - L

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