Monday 23 July 2012

DIY Lamp Ideas... What's Hot!

Lamps seem to be a very common thing that us DIY'ers LOVE to create and tackle! They are also a great place to start if you are just beginning or if you don't know what to do. 

We have all those ugly glass covers on our lights. I mean, they all aren't ugly, don't get me wrong. Some are soooo super nice and soooo super expensive... not ours. They are just ugly. I don't care if I live in an apartment, I am definitely tackling them someday... I guess depending how much longer we live here.. lol, we will see.

But I definitely fell in love with this Paper mache lamp! Paper mache is coming back huge! I haven't done that for years... since I was a kid and we used to do it in elementary school. You can do this lamp with a balloon and of course, paper mache. I do like the paper mache idea... but I also like a lot of others too.... thank god we have a lot of lights in the house!! hehe

The fabulous coloured lamps in the picture above are made from various coloured straws (with the scoop) and plastic plates and cups believe it or not!! I think it's kick @ss and would be perfect to brighten up any room!!! So save all your plastic plates and spoons from your parties then next time you have one!! Start your collection... or just go buy them, but it might cost a bit!

LOL I think the only place this lamp would look good would be in the kitchen... but it's different no doubt.

Have a few spare decks of cards laying around that you got for Christmas that you don't want... Make this card ball lamp shade! I think it would require A LOT of patience... so this one isn't for me! But it sure does look cool eh..

Oh the Tong Lamp, how I love thee!! If you have a bunch of geometrically shaped scraps of wood... why don't you think about making one of these... they look amazing!! They don't have to be this tall either, make it a smaller box, maybe a square (although I love the long ones). Get a source & power cord from Ikea or your local hardware store, a light diffuser and a compact fluorescent bulb. 

This lamp is made from.... can you guess it??...

An extension cord! I honestly, didn't know that until I read it!! :)

xOx - L

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