Thursday 12 July 2012

DIY: Embroided Card - Uniquely Different!

Cards! I ALWAYS love making my own. It's soo soo sooo much more personal. It gives the card so much more meaning. It shows you put time and effort in to making something cute for your friend or loved one! No matter what the occasion, there is a card to make!  What's on the inside in the scripture is whats most important. It doesn't matter if the card looks good or looks like it was from the store. It's perfect because it's made with love and with your own two hands!

I usually scrapbook my cards and my family loves it! This year... I'm thinking of trying this. It's nothing new. It's been around for ages. I used to cross stitch all the time. Well... I think I'm going to slowly get back in to it. As I was stitching this card tonight, I realized that I missed it... I think that's going to be one of my nightly t.v projects that I love so much.

Anyways, you probably have seen this before... but I think it's adorable!! Embroidered cards! How sweet!!
I made this in probably maximum 15 minutes tonight!

Grab your embroidery thread, card (or paper to make a card), pencil, scissors and a needle.

If you don't feel comfortable free handing your stitching (which I totally didn't... yet!), draw your pattern on your card with a pencil in little ticks, the ticks will be your stitch.

Look carefully above... you can see the pencil marks are there!! lol

Once you have your design drawn, get out your embroidery thread and needle and start stitching (from the inside of the card to the outside)!

Mix up your colours! Draw pictures or a saying! Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be beautiful and your friend will adore it!! I hope my love did!!

I'm not the best or anything... but this was my first time stitching for a long time... and my first time stitching from my own pattern! LOL.

xOx - L

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