Tuesday 19 June 2012

"Knot" So Hard Flip Flops!

It's summer time and I know we all LOVE our flip flops. They are just so easy to slip on and so comfy to wear and not to mention cute as ever! These quick and easy home made flip flops can dress up any outfit to make it look cute and fashionable. They take about 30 minutes maximum to make (and that was my first time doing them) hehe.

Material Info:
flip flops
kitchen scissors or an exacto knife
about a 1/4 yard of fabric (4 pieces 2.5 x 24 Inches) hot glue (can do without, not necessary)

Cut the straps off of your flip flops. You can use an exacto knife or scissors, whichever is easiest for you. Push the straps out of the holes to snip off straps so all of the holes are showing on your flip flop.

Cut all of your 4 strips of fabric into an arrow at every end, looking like picture below. This makes them slip through the holes better. You can twist the ends and slide them through as well. There is no proper way to do it!

Lay the flip flops flat, facing up and take two strips of fabric and pull two ends through the one hole at the toe.

Tie a good and tight double knot. The knot will fit in to the divet hole where the original straps were. Cut the little tails off and flip over. Now, tie one knot about an inch from the bottom of sandal, this is where the strap will go in between your toes. Hold both the straps together to tie it.

Tie a second knot right behind the first knot, good and tight. Pull the two straps through the side holes as shown below.

Put on your flip flop and tighten the strap to where it is tight on the top of your foot, where it is comfortable for you to wear, then tie a knot on each side. Take the shoe off and make sure that the knots are tight. The fabric might stretch, so make sure your fabric is tight!

Cut off the ends and fit them in to the divet where the old straps went. I took out my glue gun and dabbed some hot glue on all of the knots at the bottom of the flip flop.... just in case. I wouldn't want to be downtown and my flip flop break!

If you think you will change the colour of your straps to match your outfit frequently, you might not want to use the glue gun.

NOTE: The sandals that I am using to show you step by step was done with a very fine thin material and I do not recommend it. It was too fine, you need something thicker to complete the look! You will notice the difference in the pictures too I am sure!

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