Tuesday 19 June 2012

Knotted T-Shirt Scarf

You want cheap, trendy and easy? Well this is it! And it's super adorable! We all have an old t-shirt laying around that doesn't fit or that we just don't wear anymore, so grab it and lets cut it up!!

The only other thing you need to grab besides the t-shirt is a pair of good fabric cutting scissors!

Take your t-shirt and lay it out flat on a table or the floor. Starting at the bottom, cut one inch wide rings. (You can use the hem if you want) You should get around 16 rings. Stretch out each ring and wrap around your hand three to four times. The more times you wrap around the shorter and thicker your scarf will be. Just like in the picture below.

Carefully remove the rings from your hand and set aside. Repeat with each strip until your shirt ends up looking like this picture shown below.

Cut two inch long strips out from the remaining shirt, these are going to be your ties! Stretch the strip out and tie two of the rings together as shown in this picture.

Tie together the rest of the rings creating a chain. You can leave it like that for a scarf or tie the chain together forming a circle scarf, like in the picture above! Snip off the excess ties and you're done! If you want to dress it up even more... use 2 or 3 different coloured shirts for a more fashionable look!

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