Thursday 28 June 2012

And the Winner isssssss....

Congrats to #26 who is:
WKath Nicholls

Please send me a message through Facebook with your address by tomorrow morning at 9am!! 

This contest was out of 33 posts. It says there is 35 (the last one being mine, so it didn't count).
So then I thought it would be out of 34... but just to make sure, I counted the comments and got 33. UGH! So I counted again and still got 33. So I did it one more time and still got 33. So that is my reasoning behind that! LOL

Thanks for everyone's likes and I hope you are checking out the blog! I'm trying to get posts up daily as much as I can, but it's hard with such a busy lifestyle!

Well, we are almost at 200, which means another 2 winner's will be chosen!!! Can we do it!!!????!!! 


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