Monday 25 June 2012

Japanese Washi Tape Magnets!

So much tape hardly know what to do with it? I've got quite a bit of Washi Tape kicking around my place, I'm constantly looking for something to do with it. Although this isn't new, I made some tonight, so I thought I'd share! I also saw someone make stickers with them... that'll be another night though! lol

These are easy as pie, probably don't even need a walk through for these bad boys!!

You will need Washi Tape, Double Sided Tape or White Tape and Magnets.

These can be done without double sided or white tape, you will just probably need to place double layers of tape on the magnets. I didn't use tape underneath the Washi Tape in these pics.

Take your magnet and place the double sided or white tape tape on the non-magnetic side of the magnet. Make sure it's smooth. Then stick on whatever kind of Washi Tape you choose to decorate your magnet with! Snip off the excess tape at the ends (I usually keep the tiniest amount of tape to fold over the side of the magnet). And voila! Complete!! You now have yourself some funky magnet sets!!

Remember... I made these in a matter of minutes k. lol

We have them all over our fridge. K always makes funny designs with them, I always leave notes! lol.


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